Our Design Story

Identity for Glasgow International

Kellenberger–White was commissioned to design the identity for the Festival’s 2014 and 2016 editions. The identity is a highly characterful typeface that captures the quickness and scale of large hand-painted lettering used on warehouses, docks and ships throughout Glasgow’s industrial waterfront.

The design was nominated for Design Museum Designs of the Year 2015, nominated by Vicky Richardson, Director of Architecture, Design and Fashion at the British Council. In the exhibition catalogue Richardson said,

“Kellenberger–White’s approach is characterised by intelligent research and a love of inventing typefaces. For this biennial of contemporary art, they looked at the lettering on ships and warehouses in Glasgow’s docks, and graffiti painted on ships by Greenpeace or nuclear disarmament campaigners at Faslane. Inspired by the scale and speed of hand-painted lettering, they used a roller to paint their own bold alphabet on to B1 sheets of paper.

The roller dictated the width of each letter and a range of simple shapes, with slightly rough edges. These were then reduced to create an upper-case alphabet and set of symbols for brightly coloured posters, pop-up banners and brochures.

Glasgow International takes place at more than 50 venues, so the identity plays a key role in pulling it all together. Kellenberger–White’s joyous approach captured the critical spirit of the festival without designing out the fun. ” 

Visit the Kellenberger-White website for more information on the development of the identity and their process.

Glasgow_International_Process GI-14-Identity-122 (Large) GI-14-Letters-1 (Large) GI-14-Identity-04 (Large) KW_GlasgowInternational_Identity_03 (Large) Kellenberger-White_Glasgow_International_2014_13 (Large) Kellenberger-White_Glasgow_International_2014_20 (Large) Kellenberger-White_Glasgow_International_2014_04 (Large) Kellenberger-White_Glasgow_International_2014_02 (Large) Kellenberger-White_Glasgow_International_2014_14 (Large)

Project team

Festival director: Sarah McCrory
Creative direction: Kellenberger–White
Website design: Studio Myers
3D design: Felix de Pass

Exhibitions featuring our identity

For the 2016 Festival Cass Art, proud sponsors of the Glasgow International 2016 Learning Programme, hosted an exhibition by Kellenberger–White in their Art Space throughout the festival. Cass Art 63 – 67 Queen Street, Glasgow G1 3EN To find out more visit:

In 2015, Kellenberger-White were invited by the exhibitions department at Glasgow School of Art to showcase their work in the Reid Gallery. To find out more visit:

Our identity was also showcased at the Design Museum as part of the Designs of the Year 2015 exhibition,