Festival 2005

Participating organisations and venues

For 2005 the inaugural Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Visual Art worked with organisations such as: CCA Glasgow, Glasgow Print Studio, Glasgow Project Room, Glasgow Sculpture Studios, Gallery of Modern Art, Market Gallery, Mary Mary, Sorcha Dallas, SPT Subway, Street Level Photoworks, The Glasgow School of Art, The Mitchell Library, The Modern Institute, Tramway, Transmission, Tron Theatre and WASPS Studios.

Artists exhibiting during 2005

Artists that were involved in the festival in 2005 include:  Doug AITKEN, Francis ALYS, Ruth BARKER, Victoria Clare BERNIE, Stefanie BOURNE, Stefan BRUGGEMANN, Tobias BUCHE, John BYRNE, Gerard BYRNE, Aileen CAMPBELL, Steven CAMPBELL, Juliana CAPES, Jake CHAPMAN, Dinos CHAPMAN, Rabiya CHOUDHRY, Samantha CLARK, Kim COLEMAN, Christine COLLINS, Minerva CUEVAS, Audhild DAHLSTROM, Steven DICKIE, Gordon DOUGLAS, Maria DOYLE, Will DUKE, Laurence ELLIOT, Nick EVANS, Erica EYRES, Keith FARQUHAR, Sarah FELTON, Will FOSTER, Alex FROST, Michael FULLERTON, Julie GARELLI, Babak GHAZI, Xavier GORGOL, Alasdair GRAY, Su GRIERSON, Belinda GUIDI, Cythia GUITIERREZ, Alexander GUY, Anne Bjerge HANSEN, Rachel HARRISON, Ronnie HEEPS, Iain HETHERINGTON, Jenny HOGARTH, Marine HUGONNIER, Stephen HURREL, Elin JAKOBSDOTTIR, Mike KELLEY, Rob KENNEDY, Ron KITAJ, John KNOX, Mark KOSTABI, Barbara KRUGER, Rory MacBETH, Jane McINALLY, Lucy McKENZIE, METACORPUS, Robb MITCHELL, Alexander MOFFAT, Ellen MONROE, Craig MULHOLLAND, John MULLER, Rosalind NASHASHIBI, Lee O’CONNOR, Alex POLLARD, Harry PYE, RISK, Jo ROBERTSON, Anri SALA, Nora SCHLECHT, Santiago SIERRA, Susannah SILVER, Susan SLOAN, Melanie SMITH, SMITH/STEWART, Monika SOSNOWSKA, Lucy STEIN, Michael STUMPF, Euan SUTHERLAND, Spencer SWEENEY, THE LONELY PIPER, TJ WILCOX and Adrian WISNIEWSKI.

Archive development in progress

Please bear with us whilst we are developing our digital archive. On this page you can see the festival guide from 2005 which lists the exhibitions and artists involved. Full listings will be available in due course.