Glasgow international 2018

20 April—
7 May

Adebusola Debora Ramsay

Adebusola Debora Ramsay (b. 1983 in Lagos, Nigeria) lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. Ramsay is a public health professional and aspiring artist with an interest in understanding the concept of race, its intersection with other identities, and inter-generational trauma.

Ramsay’s paintings are mainly in an abstract style employing bold colour contrast and textural detail, a therapeutic endeavour. Inspiration comes from Yoruba art, and the weave/pattern-making of traditional cloths such as Aso-Oke, Kente and Adire from West Africa. Other influences include Bauhaus, Impressionism and Expressionism.  Ramsay is a member of Yon Afro, a collective which aims to centre the voices of women of colour in Scotland, and is engaged in various initiatives promoting anti-racism activism. Ramsay is a co-lead on Black History Month walking tours commissioned by Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights, highlighting the historical links between Glasgow’s built heritage and the transatlantic slave trade and chattel slavery, empire and colonisation.

Yon Afro Collective: Najma Abukar, Layla Roxanne Hill, Rhea Lewis, Sekai Machache, and Adebusola Debora Ramsay

(Re)imagining Self and raising consciousness of existence through alternative space and (re)imagined place


Featuring Najma Abukar, Layla Roxanne Hill, Rhea Lewis, Sekai Machache, and Adebusola Debora Ramsay, Yon Afro Collective (YAC) seeks to amplify the lives of women of colour in Scotland and tell stories which are often ignored.

Its latest project will consider how the Black Other is viewed. The installation will challenge the concept of positive initiatives, the performance of being ourselves, and align women of colour, Scottish and artist identities.

By presenting this alongside sculptural and other visual material, YAC examines our existence as resistance within social, political and geographical environments.

Fri 20 April – Mon 7 May
Mon – Wed & Fri, 1.30pm-6pm
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Sat, 11am-5pm

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