Glasgow international 2018

20 April—
7 May

Anneke Kampman

Anneke Kampman (b.1986. Edinburgh, Scotland) lives and works between London and Scotland. Kampman is a performer, composer and sound artist. Her practice concerns the politics and poetics of sound and the voice, using performance, video, installation and text to examine the intersection between experimental music and issues of labour, gender, the body, technology and subjectivity. She has recently completed a year of study at Open School East, London, where she pursued research and practice in conversation with the public.

Recent performances and exhibitions include: Figures. Figure. Stuck, performance, Open School East, London, UK, 2016; The Heat, collaborative exhibition with Eve Chabanon, Open School East, London, UK, 2016); Where Blips of Light Called Players Disintegrate, performance, commissioned and presented by Jerwood Visual Arts, London, UK, 2016; I Will Leave You Now And This Loudspeaker Will Take My Place, exhibition, Lancaster Women in Sound Symposium, Lancaster, UK, 2015; Labyrinthine, a collaborative Opera performed at The Self The Other Festival, Q-o2, La Monnaie De Munt, Brussels, BE, 2015 and BBC Glasgow Tectonics Festival, Glasgow, UK, 2016; and The As If Body Loop, BBC Tectonics Festival, Glasgow, UK, 2014.

Anneke Kampman and Katherine MacBride

A public library of and for listening


An informal listening space where a range of experiences and encounters can take place, the library houses artworks from invited guests, a well as other materials from various times and places that together create a bank of different forms of knowledge around listening.

Visitors are welcome to come by for a chat with the artists and to interact with these works at any time. The space will be activated further by a programme of events for listeners of all ages.

Fri 20 April – Mon 7 May
Mon – Thu, 12 noon-8pm
Fri & Sat, 12 noon-5pm

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