Belinda Gilbert Scott

Gilbert Scott is interested in the process of painting, the coexistence of the illusion of depth with the awareness of surface and substance. Using imagery as a kind of suspense movie, she uses figurative forms that represent hidden human agendas. The forms are simple and direct, which allows the artist to concentrate on the resonance of colour and subtle play of illusionary surface.

By using her experience as a scenic painter, Gilbert Scott has begun to paint backcloths, the cloths, draping from the wall to the floor, are cut into, releasing the image from the background and positioning it in the space. The viewer is allowed to walk upon and between the painted surfaces. This expresses the feeling of wanting to physically get into an imaginary space. This is also a response to the gallery setting and counteracts the reverence and untouchability of painting, allowing the audience to enter into a playful relationship with the work. By introducing physical space into the work, the paintings can also become theatrical settings. This has opened up the opportunity to work collaboratively, inviting other artists to make performative work in response to the installation.

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