Billy Teasdale

Billy Teasdale (b. Jerusalem, Israel) lives and works down a shabby looking lane in the city of Glasgow. It is believed by some that he is wise and it is felt by many that he is kind. A nomad who has travelled through time, past and future became stuck in the present, stagnating in limbo 2015. Although hermetic by nature, people congregate at his shed on a nightly basis. The door knocks, he snarls then sighs, for they, standing, blinking, showing teeth, disturbing his solitude, are fellow travellers and without them his existence ceases.
Exhibitions include: ‘ Unfinished Plan for a New and Better Society’, with David Shrigley and Alan Stanners , South Side Studios ( 2009), ‘Not Titled’, with Will Hall, Transmission Gallery ( 2005), an Artists’s Residency at Dixon Blazes Industrial Estate in the year of 1914 and ‘ I Don’t Want To Play Computer Anymore’ ( from the future) in2020. He graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in 2004 with a B.A. Hons.

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