Glasgow international 2018

20 April—
7 May

Camille Fallet

Camille Fallet (b. 1977, France) lives in Marseille and Paris.

Fallet studied for two years at the Royal College of Art in Kensington, during that time he made a hugely ambitious photographic study of the character of London’s varied environments. His carefully assembled groupings of the city’s architecture and citizens recall something of Walker Evans’ survey of the vernacular anonymity of 1930s urban America. Fallet was fresh to London and covered the city very fast, almost as if he knew his judgment would be most acute before he became too familiar with it, too adjusted to its ways of life. The project is titled London Photographs, after Walker Evans’ celebrated book American Photographs (1938). 

Camille Fallet graduated as MA in photography from the Royal College of Arts of London in 2004 and also obtained a DNSEP art at the École supérieure d’Art de Nantes in 2001. He is laureate of the “British Gas Award” 2003 (reportage in Trinidad and Tobago) and of the Individual Help Grant for the Regional Direction Creation of the Cultural Affairs of Ile de France in 2006. In 2010 he was commissioned to reveal the landscape of the greater Paris. 

He has had exhibitions in London – namely ‘This Must be the Place’ Curated by David Campany – and also Paris, Marseille, Toulouse and Nantes. He was offered the production workshop in the Centre Photographique d’Ile de France in 2005. He also works together with other artists, such as Florent Mulot and Thomas Bernardet. 

Currently, Camille Fallet is working as a photographer and teaching landscape at L’École Nationale d’Architecture de Marseille.

Street Level Photoworks present La Nuit de L'Instant


La Nuit de l’Instant is a collaboration with Centre Photographique Marseille and Street Level Photoworks and is a projection-based event celebrating the still and the moving image in joyful and compelling ways.

The works will mark Glasgow’s links with its twin-town Marseille with new works by Camille Fallet and Valentine Vermeil produced from residencies and other work selected by Erick Gudimard, alongside Scottish, European and International work from Street Level’s current and forthcoming partnerships.

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Thu 26 April, 6pm-10pm

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