Clare Stephenson

Clare Stephenson’s sculptures are barely sculptures at all; their physical presence is a humorously humble illusion. Her representations of form, completely flat-packed, cartoon-like, and slap-stick. This game of perception, of subverting material with image and vice versa, is redoubled in her work’s development process: each sculpture-image is assembled from photographs of other sculptures that have been cropped and photocopied from books.

Stephenson has previously exhibited in ‘She who is the Maker of Objects’, Linn Lühn, Cologne (2011); ‘Four Fatrasies’, Pump House Gallery, London (Alex Pollard and Clare Stephenson) (2010); ‘Compass in Hand’ Museum of Modern Art, New York, (2009), ‘She Who Presents’, Spike Island, Bristol, 2009; Frieze Art Fair, London (2009);’The Associates’, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee (2009); ‘If Not Now‘,(Curated by Sorcha Dallas. Supported by the British Council) Broadway 1602, New York (2006) Solo’, The Round Room, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh (2006)

Clare Stephenson (b. 1972) lives and works  in Glasgow, UK.

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