Deniz Uster

Deniz Uster (b. 1981 in Istanbul, Turkey) lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland.

Deniz Uster is fascinated by the voids institutional history provides and accepts horizontal chronology as a conservative framework. Narrating myths from an unknown future she invokes vaguely familiar rituals from Anatolian folklore intertwined with Central Asian Shamanism and Islamic mythology. She then remoulds these in the post-industrial landscape of Glasgow where epochs interfere with alternative fictitious happenings and events get resituated on the timeline of history.

Uster recently screened her film Beyond is Before and performed her co-written manifesto with Gurcim Yilmaz on Islamic Futurisms at ICA, London as part of series We Can’t be There: Emergency Provisions of (un)Anticipated Futures.

Solo and group shows include: Saatchi Gallery, London, England; Elgiz Contemporary Art Museum, Turkey; Sabanci Museum, Turkey; Art Dubai Projects, UAE; Maraya Art Centre, UAE; Kunstlerhaus Bethanian, Berlin, Germany; Centre for Art and Media, Germany.

Residencies include: Delfina Foundation in Dubai; Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, Seoul, South Korea; Sirius Art Centre, Ireland.

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