Felix Welch

Felix Welch (b. 1993 in UK) lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland.

Felix Welch is a 2015 graduate of The Glasgow School of Art, Scotland’s Sculpture Department, whose practice examines capitalism’s simultaneous powers of absorption and alienation and its relationship to aesthetics and visual language. Working primarily in installations, sculptural pieces and prints, Welch utilises a visual vocabulary of deconstructed and abstracted forms rendered in materials that relate to commodities, and objects of industrial manufacturing and mass production. Through these juxtapositions, he attempts to explore the meaning of these materials and their societal contexts by extending and reifying the tensions that emerge within the relations of materials and form.

Group shows include: GSA@ECA, Edinburgh College Of Art Sculpture Courtyard, Edinburgh, Scotland (2015); VOIDOIDarchive #2, Voidoid Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland (2014).

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