Geneva Sills

Geneva Sills (b. 1987 in Chicago, USA) lives and works in Chicago, USA and Glasgow, Scotland.
Sills studied at The Glasgow School of Art. Sills’s photographic practice explores the suspicious nature of autobiography through appropriation and the use of commercial lighting/modelling. Through constant exploration of painting and its links to photographic development within the arts, her work is indebted to the tableaux. She embraces the artist as licensed outsider; a character who historically has been entitled to act on his sexual and emotional impulses free of average or immediate social consequences. By adopting this persona within contrived autobiographical scenes, she at once references the history of her medium whilst also politicizing her sexual position within the arts.

Group shows include: Gwenan InterKubba, 173 Kenmure Street, Glasgow, Scotland (2014); Gwenan International, The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow, Scotland (2014); Slug, The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow, Scotland (2013); The Rite of Spring, The Underground Carpark/Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland (2013).

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