George Wyllie

Wyllie worked in regenerative, performance and public Art as well as Theatre, Writing, Installation, Film and was a frequent contributor to journals.  He carried this out his practice in an almost metaphysical or sometimes pataphysical way. Often dealing in absurdity and parody he questioned society’s orthodox ways of thinking, surpassing the commonality of Western thought in a random and unpredictable way.

Wyllie (b.1921- d.2012) was awarded an MBE in 2005 and exhibited nationally and internationally in Retrospective, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester (1999); The Paper Boat Installation and Exhibition, World Financial Center, New York, USA (1990); A way with the Bird’s, Serpentine Gallery, London (1981); The Call of the Sea, Talbot Rice Centre, University of Edinburgh (1979).

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