Hardeep Pandhal

Hardeep’s practice mediates between the symbolic and actual appearance of human conflict.
Submitting his nascent autobiography to forms of critique, such as parody, he produces illustrated artist CVs, ‘commissions’ hand-knitted garments by his mother and makes spoof documentaries – often reflecting on his studio activities.
His recent interest in perceptions of male archetypes has culminated in the creation of multiple cartoon personas. The most prominent persona takes the form of a British-Sikh soldier; a haunting relic of Britain’s colonial past.
He juxtaposes these components in his installations to evoke a parallel yet familiar world marked by the most deeply felt, exorbitant demands.

Previous exhibition include, ‘Tattoo City: The First Three Chapters’, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, (2012); ‘The Panj Piare VOLUME 2’, Patrick Studios, East Street Arts, Leeds, (2012); ‘Glamourie’, Project Space, Leeds, (2011)

Hardeep Pandhal (b. 1985) lives and works in Glasgow.

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