Top image credit: One Time Code, Heather Lander, 2014


Heather Lander & Simon Harlow

Heather Lander (b. in Portland, USA) lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland.

Simon Harlow (b. in UK) lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland.

Heather Lander and Simon Harlow have worked collaboratively throughout the past 12 years whilst both maintaining individual creative practices. They have shaped the identity of several creative spaces in Glasgow, Scotland including The Chateau (2004-2010) and more recently, The Chalet in Glasgow's Southside, (2005 – present).

Harlow and Lander share a common interest in materials, form, space and architecture as well as curiosity in how things work. They also have a shared fascination in how we perceive light, the limitations of perception and how nature can deceive and/or nurture us. Their collaborations have taken the form of exhibitions, set-design and interior design.

Notable collaborations include: Painting, Installation, Collaboration, Collins Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland (2011), Painting Interior, Che Camile, Glasgow, Scotland (2009); Foxface Set Design for the Skye Music Festival, Scotland (2006).