Joe Fletcher Orr (Cactus Gallery)

Cactus is a contemporary art space, artist-led, based at The Royal Standard, Liverpool UK. Cactus Gallery is conceived by artist Joe Fletcher Orr. b 1991 Birkenhead, UK.
Recent shows include Jack Brindley, Original Copy; Charlie Godet Thomas, In Comes the Good Air…; Candice Jacobs: EXHALE; Alex Rathbone, Prehistory…TBC; Harry Meadley, LEVEL 2; Katharina Fengler, SWEETNESS; Glen Pudvine & Jesse Wine, Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs; I dunno shit, Rogueprojectspace; Daniel McMillan and Lucas Wilson, The Weekend Supplement; Sebastian Jefford, This inferior mirage ; Cactus on tour, END @Toast.

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