Top image credit: Lars Karl Becker, 2016


Lars Karl Becker

Lars Karl Becker will graduate from Städelschule Frankfurt in early 2017. His main concerns are the clotted expectations of the art viewer towards contemporary art – and how he can disappoint them. He is driven by anticipatory obedience to a future that is not able to articulate itself. Since 2014 he is running a micro gallery, named 'TheTip' in Frankfurt am Main. Early 2015 he was a feature guest in Simon Buckleys solo show 'Evil Empire' (as part of 'Swype Right') Market gallery, Glasgow. Recent exhibitons include: 'Wir stürzen rückwärts' at Dodge Frankfurt and 'Kongress der Möglichkeiten' at Bethanien, Berlin. Lars Karl Becker lives and works in Glasgow and Frankfurt am Main.