Laura Yuile

Laura Yuile (b. 1986 in Glasgow, Scotland) lives and works in London, England and Glasgow, Scotland.

Yuile creates sculpture, video and performance, working with material and language in a way that highlights tensions between need, desire and excess. She is interested exploring the boundaries between public and private space, the fetishisation of transcience, and notions of displacement, transition and transformation in relation to time, place and the invisible infrastructures that shape our existence. Recent work has considered spaces of speculation and investment, and the interactions between systemic global conditions and tangible local and personal conditions; exploring how evolving global networks and flows affect everyday life, the domestic sphere and the body. Her sculptures and videos often employ everyday household debris, stock imagery, and home-spun techniques of production.

Yuile’s previous exhibitions include The Capital, Vulpes Vulpes, London, England (2015); Co-Pourri, Caustic Coastal, Manchester, England (2015); Welcome to Ecumenopolis, The Arts Foundations, Athens, Greece (2015); Conversation of Monuments, Collective, Edinburgh, Scotland (2014); Processing Progress, Mauve, Vienna, Austria (2013).

In 2015 Yuile was included in the Film Open screening programme touring to Eastside Projects, Birmingham; Castlefield, Manchester; Transmission,Glasgow; S1 Artspace, Sheffield and the ICA, London. Residencies include Temporary Art Platform in Beirut (2014) and IOAM in Beijing. In 2015 Yuile was an Associate Artist at Open School East, London.

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