Lauren Printy Currie

Lauren Printy Currie makes sculptural objects that explore experience and perception; combining purposefully unpredictable casting, relief, painting and printing processes with the production of an encounter with which the work responds to a surplus in materiality. The display of these objects acts as indicators of varying positions or viewpoints, creating personal ideograms which raise questions about making recollected in memory, an interest in the crossover between painting and sculpture and the ideas in literature and language. 
Recent exhibitions include Baldachini, Forum Stadtpark, Graz Feb 2014,Closer to the lips, word perfect, Glasgow Project Room Dec 2013, Space is not a void, The Royal Standard Liverpool Sept 2013, I take into my arms more than I can bear to hold, GENERATORprojects Dundee June 2013. Current & forthcoming exhibitions include Waking up a Shape, The Woodside Press, Bristol Art Weekender May 2014 and Mood is made/temperature is taken, Glasgow Sculpture Studios July 2014 (curated by Quinn Latimer).
Lauren Printy Currie (b. 1985) is an artist based in Glasgow.

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