Lewk Wilmshurst

Lewk Whilmshurst (b. 1987 in Oxford, England) lives and works in London, England.

The recurring concepts in Whilmshurst’s work is our relationship with the natural world, evolution, domestication, the expanse of time, our integration with technology and psychology of the Internet, subjects like the economy, religion, history, current scientific understandings, post-humanism, consumerism, luxury and aspiration are evermore apparent throughout the digital collages of saturated internet sourced imagery at varying qualities of resolution. The borders between Old Masters paintings, screen shots of video gameplay, nature documentaries, marketing, 3D animations, internet screen grabs & reality, dissolve.

Hovering above this backdrop sits an infinitude of isolated motifs of currency, hierarchy, religion, connectivity, weapons, communication and nature, acting as consumerist semiotics.

These works continue to resolve in the form of digital prints, more recently onto artificial Polyester fabric sourced and printed in China and hung loosely amongst assemblage materials, including silk, marble, gold, brick, glass, poker chips, plastic plants. In each of his pieces he tries to tread the line between humour and sobriety.

Whilmshurst is an award winning artist (Neo:PrintPrize: Winnrer) and has exhibited nationally (Vegas Legs, Motorcade Flashparade, Bristol).

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