Marco Giordano

Marco Giordano (b. 1988 in Turin, Italy) lives and works in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Working across painting, sculpture and installation, Giordano often utilises ephemera from pop culture and the everyday – from wallpaper adorned with fan art of Beyoncé, to carved stones engraved with throwaway comments lifted from social media. The simplicity of the materials that he uses is in contrast to the meticulous and artisanal techniques that he applies to them. There is an irony and humour in his transformative handling of low materials, such as plaster, which he buffs to a high shine to resemble polished marble. He treats his subject matter with the same regard, isolating snap shots and snippets from the internet’s constant flow of text and imagery, and conferring on them an importance and respect to be recorded for posterity – a treatment that was perhaps not necessarily intended for them in the first instance. In this way Beyoncé is raised to an almost goddess like state and a hashtag becomes set in stone like an epitaph.

Group shows include: CAVEROOM, collateral GI, Bell Street, Glasgow, United Kingdom, (2014) ‘Artist Run Festival’, Green is gold gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark, (2014); To see unseen, Briggait, Glasgow, UK, (2014); Testosterone, Unsmoke systems artspace, Pittsburgh, USA (2013).

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