Philip Ewe

Philip Ewe (b. 1983 in London, England) lives and works in London, England.
Ewe studied at the Edinburgh College of Art and the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. His work is primarily concerned with social behaviour, public space and the channelling of subjectivity through processes that favour the experiential and unpredictable; nomadic themes, improvisational performances and high tempo videos. Materially developing layers of subjects, objects and turns of phrase into a tactile pipeline between space and corners of the psyche. The way documentary has been famously described as “the creative treatment of actuality”, Ewe’s practice comes out of tackling real, often urban, locations as a kind of catalyzing zone for subliminal campaigns towards the self, in all its varied and sometimes fictive versions – at once real, performed and mediated.

Exhibitions and performances include; Commission with Block Universe Festival, London, England (2016) Rhythm of Thought, Performance as Publishing programme at the Whitechapel Gallery, London, England (2015), Platoon, Flat i, London, England, Presentation in The Conch discussion group, South London Gallery, London, England (2015), Laff Box, Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam, Netherlands Cutting Leaves for the Dogs Tale of a Tub, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, (2015); 172, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (2015); The Ride, Wolphart, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (2015); Off the A12, Balfron Towers/RH Gallery, London, England (2015); Standard Reach, Piet Zwart Project Space, Rotterdam, Netherlands (2014).

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