Pierced Arrows

Pierced Arrows from Portland, Oregon, are the archetypal DIY Rock and Roll band.

Husband and wife Fred and Toody Cole are two thirds of Pierced Arrows along with drummer Kelly Halliburton (Severed Head of State, Defiance). The Coles first recorded together in 1980 as punk band The Rats and are best known for their time as Dead Moon (1987-2006).

Fred Cole once described his approach to music as “rock’n’roll that’s rough, ragged and honest”. Now in their mid 60s the Coles continue to live and work by a truly independent spirit; taking control of all aspects of how their music is recorded, mastered, pressed and toured.

These stalwart musicians continue their powerful, raucous live performances, touring regularly throughout the USA and Europe. This is their first ever visit to Scotland. 

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