Rachael Simpson

Rachael Simpson (b. 1990 in Scotland) lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland.

Rachael Simpson’s working practice evolves around the theme of private and public in social, political and everyday life primarily in conversation, communication activity and event. Her practice includes text and spoken word, through video, sound, sculptures and performance (secret and posed) scripts, language and overheard conversations.

The use of language and in particular the idea of ‘exclusive language’ has started to become a focal point for research with a key word always being ‘accessibility’. Questioning the way in which knowledge has traditionally been used as a device of social control and the hierarchies, status and roles, which follow this notion.

The ambition for her work is to have an active role in engaging others, believing in a practical exchange of ideas and playing with the gap between art and participation – with an element of open learning and accessibility.

Collaborating on social and participant lead projects since 2014, Jones and Simpson found each other through their passion of communication, dialogue and dedicated attitude to public engagement. Awarded funding for Young Innovators by IdeasTAP, , Jones and Simpson were given the opportunity to begin a non-for-profit Gallery and Open Studio residency within Glasgow’s oldest indoor markets: Gallery Unit at the Savoy Centre, Glasgow, Scotland.

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