Raoul Reynolds

Raoul Reynolds (b. 1882 in Glasgow, Scotland – d. 1969 in New York, USA)

Reynolds was the son of a Scottish shipyard owner and a French mother coming from a Marseille family of manufacturers in the tobacco sector. He followed an academic education at the art school in Glasgow, and his early career was influenced by the Glasgow Four and the Arts & Craft Movement. He led a peripatetic life, and often travelled between Scotland and France. He was heavily influenced by the European avant-garde art movements, and his vagabond lifestyle influenced his practice. He finally moved to the USA during the Second World War, where he taught and inspired the American artistic scene, and regularly visited the Black Mountain College. His artistic career spanned over fifty years and many art movements. Reynolds died in New York in 1969.

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Scotland Street School Museum, 225 Scotland St, Glasgow G5 8QB