Rowan Mace

Rowan Mace (b. 1961 in UK) lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland.

Mace’s work is about colour, spontaneity, the intrinsic quality of materials, simplicity, sensuality, light and the immediacy of touch and its impact.

The artist experiments with found pieces of wood, off-cuts that have been managed in some way and then discarded. The alteration in the wood has to be subtle and she likes to use paint simply. How and where the work is placed and how pieces relate to each other is important. Mace has been working in quite a restricted environment and this has influenced the scale of the work and how it describes intimacy and sometimes domesticity. She decided to embrace this as this has been her recent experience and describes something important to her.

Mace is interested in our attempts at perfection and how when we fail or show the process of our efforts these details create something much more beautiful and engaging. Composition and design are also important, noticing how materials work together but always aware that the best things happen when she is not working with ideas but responding to intuition and being fully engaged moment to moment.

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