Stephanie Mann

Mann is interested in exploring the everyday to find the extraordinary and then gathering these objects, moments and conversations as material to be organically arranged, in an internal cupboard, void of hierarchy. These elements are digested, then arranged, to produce works across media. The work acts as an outward translation for the mise en scene which occurs within. Mann tries to invest something of herself, however obliquely, into the realm of the object, whilst examining the subconscious world they are birthed from.

‘My work uses every-day, familiar objects and commodities to create abstract pictorial assemblages that play with our sense of what those objects are commonly used or known for. It disregards the objects’ natural hierarchy to focus upon their decorative, material and sensory qualities, combining natural and artificial imitation, the industrial and hand-made. Whilst I work sculpturally, my practice occupies the space between two and three dimensions, sharing much in common with the history of painting, and predominantly that of the still life. Colour, texture, surface, composition, the layering of fore-and background, and the relationship between, and the arrangement of, objects is paramount to my work.’

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