Sukaina Kubba

Sukaina Kubba was born in Baghdad, and currently lives and works in Glasgow.

Kubba’s latest solo project was ‘Work Out’ at Hilary Crisp Gallery in London in 2014. Recent exhibitions include: ‘Le Swimming’ at Glasgow International 2014; ‘Lucy Donna’ and Underground Car Park, 2014; and ‘Pavor Nocturnus,’ a solo exhibition at Kendall Koppe Gallery, Glasgow in 2013. Kubba recently curated the Phoenix Bursary Exhibition at The Glasgow School of Art. In 2013 and 2014 Kubba co- directed and curated Underground Car Park, a large disused venue in Glasgow. In 2013, she curated 1913: Rite of Spring, at the Hidden Gardens at Tramway, Underground Car Park, the Old Hairdresser’s and Mono in Glasgow.

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