Susannah Stark

Susannah Stark (b. 1988 in Dundee, Scotland) is an artist based in Glasgow with a background in printmaking and currently works with sound, sculpture and digital media incorporating issues of voice, power and reappropriation.

This is part of an ongoing process of exploring how much of the western identity can be constructed from diverse popular sources and how the mouth may be the main modulator for such regurgitations and formations. Recent works feature printed architectural objects and 3D animated collages as carriers for disembodied voices, spoken word and song that aims to question material hierarchies within capitalist culture and explore the voice as a vehicle for transformation.

Upcoming solo exhibition at bb15 Space for Contemporary Art, Linz, Austria, 2018

Group exhibitions include: Unnatural Wealth Karolina Lebek and Susannah Stark curated by A- - -Z, StudioRCA Riverlight, London, (2017); Idols and Impossible Structures New Prints (2017); Winter International Print Centre New York, USA, (2017); The Wheel Donald Hayden and Susannah Stark Surround Sound Program curated by David Gryn, Soundscape Park, Art Basel in Miami Beach, USA, (2016); North East Wis-Dom Third CAFAM Biennial, Negotiating Space CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China, (2017).