Urara Tsuchiya

Urara Tsuchiya (b. 1979 in Japan) lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland.

Urara Tsuchiya works mainly with performance, video, and live events, often incorporating soft sculpture, costumes, ceramics and home cooking. These function as props to set up an alternate environment for out of the ordinary behaviours to take place.

Solo shows include: 'Urara Tsuchiya', Trade Gallery, Nottingham (2017); 'Room Service', Union Pacific, London (2016) and 'Connoisseurs world', Queen’s Park Railway Club, Glasgow, Scotland (2015).

Group shows include: 'Amazing girls/ its complicated', Kevin Space, Vienna (2017); 'Circus between Worlds', Caledonian Church, (2016) and 'Neopagan Witch Bitch', Evenly Yard, London (2016).

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