Top image credit: Atelier Public, 2012, David Sherry, a performance in ATELIER PUBLIC responding to the work created during the exhibition, Photo: Rachel Mimiec.

Modern Edinburgh Film School, Emma Balkind, Brian Hartley, Anthony Schrag, TS Beall, Tom Nolan, Catherine Payton, Claire Docherty and Sonic Bothy
Atelier Public #2

ATELIER PUBLIC is re-presented for Glasgow International 2014 following the success of its first iteration in 2011. In 2014 ATELIER PUBLIC#2 explores ideas of play, participation, democracy, permission and the public space, and develops as the show progresses. As part of its open process, ATELIER PUBLIC#2  is working with artists including Modern Edinburgh Film School, Emma Balkind, Brian Hartley and Anthony Schrag to interrogate and develop the space.

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