Esther Ferrer with Louise Ahl and Fritz Welch, Jessica Higgins, Sandra Johnston, and Pester & Rossi
House Party

Esther Ferrer’s Fête Maison is an audio work recorded in 1998 in her home in Paris while cleaning, cooking, speaking on the phone and taking care of daily life. The sounds are familiar and unaffected, made with the most rudimentary means.

This exhibition presents Ferrer’s piece accompanied by an array of everyday objects that can be activated to make new sounds and artworks by invited artists, all of whom will be performing alongside Ferrer during Glasgow International. These stem from what can be described as a daily practice, carried out in similarly unassuming everyday situations, that evokes 1960s notions about the relatedness of art and life within the contemporary context of austerity.

Fête Maison translates literally as ‘House Party’, yet in French plays on the phonic associations with the words ‘fait’, suggesting something has been ‘made’ at home, and ‘mes sons’, effectively ‘my sounds’ – in first person.

Supported by Glasgow International, Project Ability, The Glasgow School of Art and the Office for Cultural and Scientific Affairs of the Embassy of Spain in London

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