Georgia Horgan
Saturday – an audio guide

Calton Burial Ground is the memorial cemetery to six local workers killed by troops during the 1787 Calton Weavers Strike – the earliest major industrial dispute in Scottish history. It sits on Abercromby Street, formerly known as ‘Witch Loan’, as the road was believed to be bewitched.

‘Saturday’ originated as a lecture and screening during Gi 2016, which explored the relationship between popular uprisings and the witch scares. For Glasgow International 2018, the work has been re-imagined as an audio guide to the burial ground itself

Additional narration by Grace Johnston and Laura Wooff
Music by Rose Dugal

*Please note Glasgow City Council has issued a health and safety notice about the condition of this site. Visitors follow the instructions described in this audio guide at their own risk and are reminded to not touch or interfere with the memorials.*

Listen to Saturday here >