Glasgow international 2018

20 April—
7 May

Interactive Digital Drawing


A workshop that can be tailored to suit a variety of age groups; Tagtool is a free app on basic use. It is used as an instrument for collaborative visual expression, that allows the participant to paint, animate and project in real time. It’s a digital tool that lets you draw with your fingers in a process that allows the imagination to run freely. iPad 2 or better works. For the best experience, use a recent iPad model. For collaborative sessions, all iPads need to join the same wireless network. Connect a projector or TV with an AV adapter, or stream over AirPlay. Participants will be inventive and use the animation tool to create live looped motion graphics. Building confidence in their creativity and imagination to create a light drawing in real time mapped onto a prepped installed surface within the exhibition space. The aim is to promote awareness of what we see around us through a digital platform as a starting source. Explore line drawing and promote self esteem in their creative ability.

Free, booking required, please call 07392464478

Sat 21 April 10-12pm (13-16yrs)

Sat 28th 12-15pm (9-12yrs)

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Glasgow international 2018