Top image credit: Michael Stumpf, Just another protest song, 2011. Courtesy of the Artist.

Michael Stumpf
This song belongs to those who sing it
The Glasgow School of Art
04 Apr — 04 May 2014

Michael Stumpf’s sculptural practice uses a wide range of materials and processes to explore the nature of making and the existential experience of things. His work manifests itself in poetic sculptural propositions set in relation to one another to create carefully structured installations.

This ambitious new body of work considers the context of the art school as an ‘expanded field’, creating a sequence of points where the audience can encounter it.  It begins out on the street, creating new temporary landmarks on the balconies of Mackintosh and Reid buildings, then leads into the Mackintosh building, and concludes in the Mackintosh Museum.

Supported by Glasgow International, The Glasgow School of Art and Platform.

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