Glasgow international 2018

20 April—
7 May

Old Hair


DIY multi-arts venue the Old Hairdresser’s presents an exciting programme of screenings, performances and artist talks. Featured artists include Kathryn Elkin, Rebecca Wilcox, Jane Topping, Ann-Marie Copestake, Emmie McLuskey,  Marc Baines,, Malcy Duff, The Rebel, Fallopé and the Tubes, Brian Willems and Ben Graham’s performance ‘Amorphous Albion’. In addition, Vernon & Burns will be presenting an ‘Evening with Vernon & Burns’.

Together they’ll form a focused articulation of what this hub of the Glasgow creative community does year round, in terms providing of space in which artists can try out new ideas and mix up practices, creating opportunities for cross-pollination of ideas.

Supported by Glasgow International.

Fri 20 April – Mon 7 May
Mon – Thu & Sun, 12 noon-12 midnight
Fri & Sat, 12 noon-1am

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Glasgow international 2018