Soil City
Soil City Laboratory
08 Apr — 25 Apr 2016

Soil City is a long-term project initiated by Open Jar Collective, engaging with Glasgow residents and a wider community of scientists, artists and activists to reconsider the value of soil as a collective resource.

During Glasgow International, Open Jar Collective is undertaking a period of field research – investigating what soil is, what it does and why it matters. This will help to inform collaboration and community action to address issues of soil stewardship and land rights.

Visitors are invited to take part in the field research through practical soil testing, investigation and conversation. Drop by the Soil City Laboratory, temporarily housed in a railway arch on Osborne Street, where you can find out about Soil City’s programme of workshops, talks, events and walks, or catch up with the Mobile Research Unit as it tours the city, engaging the public in hands-on soil activities.

Supported by Glasgow International and The Seedbed Trust.


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