Glasgow international 2018

20 April—
7 May

Sound Murals

Interacting with the Future


During the two hour workshop participants will create an interactive sound mural which visually and sonically explores imagined futures of life on earth.

Using the artists own research area as a starting point, this workshop will open up discussions with the participants as we imagine distant futures of life on earth. This will be explored through paintings and sound. The paintings will act as touch sensors, triggering sound clips, which will be used in a live sound art performance at the end of the workshop. Each participant will paint their own touch sensor using conductive paint, and will choose what sound will be triggered from their own recordings (made during the workshop), or from a sound archive provided.

The painted sensors will then be attached to a wall and connected to a Touch Board. What it is – Bare Conductive Touchpad, a small micro controller which allows you to connect up to 12 touch sensors, which can trigger sound.

The workshops are on a sign up basis and open to all children interested in taking part. Maximum capacity per workshop is 10 participants; to sign up email Louise Gibson:

Sat 28th April, 10am-12pm (13-16yrs)

Sun 29th April, 1pm-3pm (13-16yrs)

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Glasgow international 2018