Glasgow international 2018

20 April—
7 May

Speculative Drawing


Taking inspiration from collage, experimental drawing techniques and surrealism we will look at various techniques for creating new ways of looking and using a playful approach to generate new ideas. We will take a look at how artists throughout history have attempted to reconstruct the world around us, imagining new possibilities.

Participants will learn how to engage imaginatively with their everyday surroundings and think creatively about new solutions. Drawing isn’t always about how to draw a good picture. It’s sometimes about how we look at things. In order to draw something we have to make ourselves look at it far more closely than we would have if we weren’t drawing it. We have to observe it in far greater detail in order to represent it in pencil and paper. So drawing is actually about seeing. No single viewpoint carries authority, our perception is fallible, it is capable of making mistakes or being wrong.

The workshops are on a sign up basis and open to all children interested in taking part. Maximum capacity per workshop is 10 participants; to sign up email Louise Gibson:

Sat May 5th, 1-3pm (9-12yrs)

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Glasgow international 2018