Top image credit: Sue Tompkins, Oh son, 2014, Acrylic on canvas, painted steel frame. Courtesy the Artist and The Modern Insitute/Toby Webster Ltd, Glasgow.

Sue Tompkins
Come to Ozark

Sue Tompkins is a collector of found phrases, words, and lyrics. Through her typed and spoken works she re-presents snatches of material gleaned from the everyday, distorting meaning by metering their arrangement and delivery. Her work combines both vocalised and physical structure and form, transferring aspects of performance such as rhythm, tempo and composition into the gallery via two-dimensional works.

 For Glasgow International 2014, Tompkins has created a new suite of fabric pieces, paintings and works on newsprint for the Gallery of Modern Art. She is also presenting a new performance. 

Performance 1 – GoMA on 3rd April, 6pm
Performance 2 – BBC on 14th April, 6.30pm
Performance 3 – GoMA on 17th April, 6pm

Commissioned by Glasgow International.

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