PR, Marketing and Images

Venues will be required to work with the festival PR and Marketing teams to facilitate publicity, media opportunities and branding requirements.  All media activity relating to projects should be co-ordinated in tandem with Glasgow International.  Please contact if you wish to discuss publicising your project prior to our PR team being on board.

It’s important to make clear that often the projects given the best coverage are those with excellent quality images that clearly tell the story of your project.

The requirements surrounding branding, PR and marketing may seem demanding, but a cohesive strategy across the whole of Glasgow International makes the festival more user-friendly and professional, and we appreciate your co-operation.


Organisations are asked to provide images of the artists work for press use. These images are a vital factor in the success of our press campaign. We are looking for images that reflect – where possible – the nature of the commission. Images of work in progress are also welcome.

We will also require high-resolution images of your project. It is each individual project’s responsibility to capture adequate documentation, which should be submitted to the Glasgow International PR team in time for reviews coming out – generally over the first weekend of the festival. This information will then be updated on the festival website (if not already there).


Glasgow International will begin to receive requests for images from the moment the festival dates are announced. It would be helpful if you have suitable images ready for 28 AUGUST 2017, with exhibition install shots ready before 9pm Wednesday 18 April 2018.

Web-sized images: JPEG ONLY, Max 1MB

Print sized images: JPEG ONLY, Max 5MB

*All images must be accompanied by an image caption (including: artists name, year, title, description and appropriate credits).
*Please ensure that appropriate permissions have been given for any images submitted to us.

Advance Access/Images for Press

Exhibitions MUST BE READY by 6pm on Tuesday 17 April 2018 to allow for potential press visits and Glasgow International photo and video documentation.

In the lead up to the Festival our PR team will provide updates on press interest in any specific piece of work. We request that all organisations are available by this date for any press requests.

In addition, we ask organisations to arrange documentation between this date and the festival opening (19 April 2018). Importantly, this will ensure images of your show can be made available to our press team for any press requests that come in over the opening days of the festival.

Copy & Press Releases

Organisations will be required to complete a press and marketing form for exhibitions that have been proposed. This form must be submitted by September 2017. We will ask for information on additional events in December 2017 / January 2018.

The information submitted will be used to populate the website, printed material and in press releases, this information will be circulated before it goes public with a deadline for amendments to be submitted.

Press Releases
The press team will circulate a ‘note to editor’ which should be added to any press release generated for your project. We ask for all press releases to be sent to the press team on for approval before your organisation sends it out.

Glasgow International Brand Identity & Accreditation

Marketing guidelines will be circulated to all projects at least six months prior to GI 2018.  All projects participating in the festival are required to display the Glasgow International logo in any printed or online marketing and PR materials produced for the project.  In addition the accreditation line for your own publicity material will be dependent on whether you have received funding from Glasgow International.

  • Supported Programme: “…commissioned by [YOUR NAME] in association with Glasgow International.”
  • Across the City: “…presented as part of Glasgow International 2018”
  • Open Glasgow & Open Glasgow Bursary: “…supported by Glasgow International 2018”

Glasgow International Festival branding and logo guidelines will be available on our website.

Contact Details

For enquiries please contact:
T: +44 (0)141 287 6412

Apply online

All proposals must be submitted online – applications will be live in February 2017.