Programme strands and theme

This page details the four strands of the programme which you are able to apply for: Supported Programme, Open Glasgow / Open Glasgow Bursary and Across the City.


Proposals are invited from organisations based in Glasgow only, unless previously discussed with the Glasgow International team.

Glasgow International will be supporting both international presentations and Scotland-based artists in the supported programme.

Theme for 2018

In 2016, Glasgow International’s Director’s Programme was shaped through looking at the historical industrial legacy of the city, and how the act of making is represented in artists’ work.

Similarly, in 2018 a set of guiding ideas are forming which will shape the Director’s Programme.  However, since our new Director, Richard Parry only took up the position in May, this is still emerging. Because of this it will not possible to share this in advance of the deadline for submissions.

The primary focus will simply be on ambitious, quality exhibitions, events and projects and submissions will be judged on their individual merit.

Although the information in the following notes is desirable, all proposals will be judged equally on their own merits.

  • Glasgow is a unique place: there are a large number of interesting buildings and locations with potential for projects. We are interested in proposals that can use either their own space or work in conjunction with an off-site project/element.
  • Glasgow International welcomes proposals which represent the diversity of the city and the people who live and work here including ethnicity, age, ability, gender and sexual orientation.
  • Quality and ambition: the past editions of Glasgow International have made it into a much-loved world-class festival, and for 2018 we hope to add to that by continuing to show an excellent quality programme that still feels local to Glasgow and Scotland. Visitors to international art events want to get a picture of the city as well as see new works from the wealth of artists based in the city, and this is a balance we will continue to try and achieve for 2018.

Supported Programme

DEADLINE 30 May 2017
DECISIONS: early July 2017

In Supported Programme, organisations, artist-run spaces or independent curators can propose projects, events and exhibitions and request financial support from Glasgow International. Organisations need to demonstrate  how this activity will be additional to their current programme, projects you would not otherwise be able to undertake.

Eligibility: Only organisations or individuals based in Glasgow are eligible to apply.

*We are aware that this year, there are date clashes with organisations applying for RFO status with Creative Scotland. If this affects your application, please let us know.

Open Glasgow

DEADLINE 30 May 2017
DECISIONS: early July 2017

This successful programme strand will be made available again for Glasgow International 2018.

Open Glasgow is a fund specifically aimed at individual artists to propose a project for Glasgow International. The total fund for Open Glasgow is £15,000 and this fund will be split across a number of projects as in previous years.

Eligibility: Artists should be currently based in Glasgow and should have at least 3 years professional experience.

Open Glasgow Bursary

DEADLINE 30 May 2017
DECISIONS: early July 2017

Following the success of the Open Glasgow Bursary in 2016 this strand will be made available again for Glasgow International 2018.

The Open Glasgow Bursary is an award of £3,000 for a recent* graduate or postgraduate who graduated two years or less from art school at the time of the festival in 2018. £1k of this award is an artist fee, the remaining £2k is for production / delivery of the project.

Eligibility: Artists must be currently living or working in Glasgow and have studied for either an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in Scotland.
*Artists must have graduated between January 2015 and December 2017 to be eligible to apply.

Across the City Programme

DEADLINE 17 July 2017
DECISIONS: mid August 2017

Glasgow International will consider proposals for any additional exhibitions, events, or performances. Across the City programme proposals will not receive funding from the festival but form an integral part of the Glasgow International programme.

As with the Supported Programme, submitted proposals will be selected by the Director in consultation with the Glasgow International Artistic Advisory Board.

Eligibility: Only organisations or individuals based in Glasgow are eligible to apply. 

Contact Details

For enquiries please contact:
T: +44 (0)141 287 6412

Apply Online

All Proposals must be submitted online. The link will be available here in February 2017.

The online proposal form requires your contact details, and project information, budget information, written proposal (maximum 2000 words) and images. (For information on accepted image sizes please see images section here).

Outcomes of this process will be:

_an offer of funding

_no funding offer, but accepted to be part of the Across the City programme

_request for a reworked proposal which can be re-submitted by for consideration as part of the Across the City programme

TERMS & CONDITIONS: All accepted projects will be sent a contract with terms and conditions for participation (these terms and conditions will be made available online alongside the application form)

*There is no appeal procedure for unsuccessful applications. We cannot offer feedback on unsuccessful proposals.