David Noonan *SOLD OUT*

Untitled, 2015

Hand assembled silkscreen on paper collage
Size: 54.5 x 40.5 cm
Edition of 45, signed and numbered

The process of collage is central to David Noonan’s work, which combines images both by the artist and found. Sourced from various historical eras often relating to theatre and performance, or depicting patterned textiles, Noonan re-presents and folds the imagery, collapsing past into present and layering multiple appropriations to create a compelling convergence of ritual, myth and realism.

David Noonan’s collage for Glasgow International comprises two superimposed images: an evocative and bird-like face, a recurring figure in the artist’s work and an image of an early Japanese Furoshiki textile. This particular Furoshiki, which the artist has folded and photographed, features traditional Japanese design motives, and was made to be part of a bridal trousseau whose textiles often were decorated with auspicious symbols. The stitched pattern is called ‘Matsu Kawabishi’ or ‘Pine Bark’, meant to convey the essence of pine, which in Japanese culture relates to longevity. The fan-like shape is the pattern for chrysanthemum.

Like Noonan’s large-scale works, this edition is printed in silkscreen with each layer then folded by hand and collaged, creating a tromp l’oeil effect re-creating the folds in the image of the fabric.


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