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As we welcome new Creative Intern Collette Rayner to the Glasgow International team, we take a look back at how our last SCVO Creative Intern, Alice Jacobs, found the experience.



Being an Intern for Glasgow International

Six months after graduation, I found myself running a business, attempting to maintain an art practice but still with a desire to work on the other side of the art boundary. The SCVO were offering internships within organisations across Scotland for creative graduates, allowing them the first step on the ladder in paid positions, and Glasgow International were looking for a graduate with knowledge of the festival and of the city, it seemed to be a position that was made for me.

The first week in any job is a learning curve. I was given the keys to the basement, a dusty, humid and exceedingly warm space that was chaos to say the least. My first job was to create order from disorder and create and archive of the past four editions of the festival, the previous and new commissions of artists’ editions and festival supplies. I decided quickly that my legacy would be order and organisation.

Once the basement was a haven of orderliness, then new tasks were put on my plate: Finding off-site venues for the festival. So I got on my bike and went back around the city that I knew, and I rediscovered it. I found the walk to work a different experience, instead of looking in the occupied windows, I was looking in the empty ones, ringing up landlords, having my voicemail messages and emails ignored, and still carrying on ringing. It was a difficult task, for a city full of empty shop fronts and abandoned, unused buildings, people weren’t keen on filling them with art. When suitable venues were found with accommodating owners, situations outside of our control conspired against us.

Between phone calls, a new job arose organising the archive of festival images. Easy job, I thought naively: a minimum of five images from each of the forty locations for four editions, at least 800 images. Spread across the Glasgow Life server, three separate computers, numerous email accounts, several folders of CDs and even slides!

This really is just a small taster of what I have done here at Glasgow International. I have learnt more about the Microsoft Office package and spreadsheets than I will likely ever need to know, yet there are more important skills I have learnt, skills that will help me in running my business, in developing my career. It hasn’t always been easy, but what job is? This job has allowed me to experience almost every part of the work entailed in running a visual art organisation. I have been part of an amazing team, whom I am sad to leave, yet excited to take the next step. As an insider, I can say that programme for Glasgow International 2014 will be the best yet and I thank the whole team for allowing me to be a small part of it.


Alice Jacobs is co-founder and director of Flux Laser Studios, speak to them about any laser cutting and vinyl projects you are working on.

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