Glasgow international 2018

20 April—
7 May

Felix Bahret, Sholto Dobie, Christopher Garrett, Lucas Mascatello, Libby Rothfeld, Godai Sahara and Richard Seaholme

Ascending Delight


Can art be a vehicle for alchemy and magic? The seven artists behind Ascending Delight pose this question, bringing together diverse ideas about exchanges in contemporary culture as our world becomes ever more digitised and connected at the price of a diminished sense of place and security.

The works aim to find a way to navigate this increasingly linked, yet dissociative culture. A coinciding project at The Laurieston Bar sees a photo-based publication on display alongside the pub’s customer photo albums.

Fri 20 April – Mon 7 May
Mon – Sat, 9am-5pm

A MAP Magazine project – Curated by Deborah Jackson

We Who Are About To...


We who are about to… takes its title from the 1976 feminist science fiction novel by Joanna Russ, whose story pivots on themes of inevitability and speculation, existence and meaning.

The project comprises a showroom, workshop, screening and discussion that consider visions of the future through the lens of feminist discourse. It examines how art can provide a productive, critical space where future visions can be rehearsed and offer different ways of seeing and understanding, helping us to reveal our present states.

The Showroom will be located at the Savoy Centre.

Additional events will be held at the CCA:

Before Colloquy, Fri 27 April, 6.30pm – 8.30pm

The Showroom, Sun 29 April, 12noon – 6.30pm

Pseudo Play, Sun 29 April, 7pm – 9pm

Savoy Centre
20& 21, 25-28 April & 2-5 May, 12noon-5.30pm


CCA Cinema

Fri 27 April, 6.30pm-8.30pm


CCA Clubroom

Sun 29 April, 10am-4pm

Sun 29 April, 7-9pm



Date and time – TBC



The Showroom by Peel Eezy

Part of We Who Are About To… A MAP Magazine project curated by Deborah Jackson


Peel Eezy present a temporary showroom, a hybrid space—part shop, part academy, part gallery. The Showroom explores the future as a dynamic context in which established traditions (and more experimental forms) of display and performance interact. Of particular focus will be future imaginary art institutions.

This event is part of We who are about to… At the heart of the project lies the need to form new cultural, ideological and political templates for the future. A MAP Magazine project with events at CCA and Platform during Gi2018.

20 & 21, 25 – 28 April & 2 – 5 May, 12noon – 5.30pm

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