Furmaan Ahmed

Furmaan Ahmed lives and works in Glasgow and London. 

Ahmed is an artist, set designer and photographer. Recent projects include a placement with David LaChapelle in Los Angeles. 

Set design includes: OH141 stage, Jupiter Rising Festival, Jupiter Artland, Edinburgh, UK (2019); University of Brighton Fashion Show, St. Mark's Chapel, Brighton, UK (2019). 

Photography includes: WILLOW, Willow Smith album cover (2019); Son of a Tinker, Flint McDonald collection, Another Man Magazine (2018). 

Exhibitions include: Dozakh: Inherited Void, Curated by Nadia Tehran, Gallery Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm, Sweden (2019); A moment that will never happen, Tate Modern (2019); Seeking Thistles, Get Pickles, Hundred Years Gallery, London (2018). 

Other Projects include: Art Director, Kate Moss Halloween Party Presented by Fran Cutler, London, UK (2019); SOPHIE remix album campaign (2019). 

For more information visit: @furmina.ahmed (Instagram).