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Minty Donald, Nic Green, Stewart Laing, Neil McGuire, Nick Millar, Pester and Rossi, David Sherry

Garage Vivant (Stalled)

Garage Vivant (stalled) is a pamphlet of prompts for speculative, abandoned, impossible, aspirational or idealistic performances.

As part of the planned programme for GI 2020, Garage Vivant was to be a sequence of tableaux vivant performed for one night only in a roller-shutter garage behind Glasgow’s Mitchell library. The shutter would have risen five times, each time revealing a new static tableau. But in 2021, the roller-shutter is stalled. Instead, the artists offer a printed collection of ideas and evocations of performances that have never, and may never, take place. Taking the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to pause and re-set, the artists imagine something that might have been, something unnoticed, something different, or something else.

Visit the publication here:

Supported by Glasgow Creative Communities, Artist in Residence Programme supported by Glasgow City Council and managed by Glasgow Life

Supported by Glasgow International


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Photo: Minty Donald