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Vigils and Vigilance

Sat 12 June

D. Graham Burnett, Joanna Fiduccia, K MacBride, Hermione Spriggs

Subtitled ‘Attention, Duration, Subjectivity’, Vigils and Vigilance is a panel discussion with artists and researchers working on problems of sustained attention.

Departing from the pioneering research of Norman H. Mackworth, whose discovery of the ‘vigilance decrement’ marked the origins of Cold War investigations into durational visual experience, the session features presentations by art historian Joanna Fiduccia (Yale), anthropologist and artist Hermione Spriggs (UCL/Slade), and artist/researcher K MacBride (University of the Arts, London). The discussion is moderated by D. Graham Burnett.

Supported by Glasgow International

Mackworth clocks in a vigilance-testing array, circa 1947