Events & performances

Christian Noelle Charles, Liv Fontaine, William Joys, Wassili Widmer
GI online
11 Jun — 31 Jul 2021

As part of the Glasgow International opening programme, Glasgow not-for-profit gallery Civic Room presents Hubris, a programme of performances exploring the human and the nonhuman, featuring new work by Christian Noelle Charles, Liv Fontaine, William Joys, and Wassili Widmer.

In ancient Greece, hubris signified an overreaching arrogance that angered the gods and led to the offender’s downfall. Here, hubris can be an act of transgression, one that challenges social norms in a way that may be inhumane or all too human. Fontaine challenges patriarchal pride and the idea of hysteria; Joys – as a statue – is focused upon his own instability amid social disruption; Widmer reflects on the promise of transhumanism and the limits of representation and desire; and Charles invites audiences on a fantastical joyride, offering an alternative mode of arrival for the launch itself.

Curated by Civic Room


Digital Exhibition online from 11 June

Tickets will be available from 11 May