Ilana Halperin
Excerpts from the Library
GI online
11 Jun — 31 Jul 2021

For Glasgow International, two projects by artist Ilana Halperin are taking place simultaneously: Excerpts from the Library is an online audio work commissioned by Patricia Fleming Gallery, while There Is A Volcano Behind My House is a large solo exhibition commissioned by Mount Stuart, Isle of Bute.

Available online, Excerpts from The Library is an audio field guide that builds on Halperin’s narrative performative lectures to tell a new story of love, lava, loss and unexpected journeys. Listeners are invited to embark on a domestic geologic field excursion, leading from the Fossil Grove in Glasgow, deep into the exhibition at Mount Stuart and on to a quiet volcanic basin nearby.

Both projects build on Halperin’s practice of intertwining geological narratives with intimate human histories and lived experience. Across a range of disciplines, including sculpture and drawing, Halperin uncovers deep and personal connections between people and the places they inhabit.


Digital Exhibition online from 11 June

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