Margaret Salmon
The Pearce Institute
11 Jun — 27 Jun 2021

Chapter Thirteen presents an exhibition centred around Icarus (after Amelia), a new 35mm film by Glasgow-based artist Margaret Salmon.

Drawing ideas from feminist economic theory, the exhibition focuses a close lens on women at work in Govan, before and during COVID-19. Salmon’s film Icarus (after Amelia) has been produced through a process of conversations, observation and creative collaboration with a number of people, including musician Tracyanne Campbell, Professor Sara Cantillon, writer Maria Fusco and workers from Govan HELP, Morris and Spottiswood and Starter Packs Glasgow.

The film is presented within the context of archival material research and reappropriated objects to reflect on a long trajectory of work that has been under-represented, ignored or rendered invisible. This analysis of contemporary life through the lens of feminist economic theory is an effort to present audiences with an emotive, intuitive discussion of value, production and hope.

Curated by Kirsteen Macdonald

Supported by Glasgow International

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